Unified Content

Michi Lepik-Stahl and Laurie Kerr-Jones join forces


Unified Content will be led by Michi Lepik-Stahl, former Executive Producer at Kith & Kin Productions and Suneeva, and Laurie Kerr-Jones, former Executive Producer & GM of RedLab.  They will represent some of Canada’s best talent in the Directing, Photography and Post-Production fields.  Unified Content will produce a wide range of work including TV, large format photography, animation, motion graphics, digital, and content optimized for social.   As a fully integrated Production and Post house, Unified Content will be able to deliver a huge range of content, while being conscious of today’s budgetary realities.

Michi Lepik-Stahl said: “At Unified Content, we have a broad support system that allows us to integrate many content-creation services including all types of production and post.  These developments have been reactive as well as predictive of what our clients have been asking us for.”

Laurie Kerr-Jones said: “I am excited to join Unified Content, to help build and lead a highly creative, engaged, professional and dynamic team.   The depth of the talent and expertise will be a very attractive offering to our industry.”

Mike Mills, CEO of Studio M said: “From day one, our business has been custom built to serve the needs of clients.   As a small, independent agency, we have pursued deep relationships with a handful of brands at a time.  Our nimble approach has allowed us to adapt seamlessly to ever-changing industry expectations, delivering not only a deep level of engagement with our clients but also remarkable results.   We are excited about this next chapter in our evolution.  With Unified Content, we are building a model that is very much in demand and designed with today’s production challenges top of mind.”

Unified Content officially launches on October 15, 2018.