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Volkswagen sticks to the facts about costs

Who can turn warranty offering and vehicle servicing into non-stop laughs? Tom Feiler of course!
In Volkswagen Canada’s most recent campaign “The Total Cost of Ownership”, character Justin Facts uses the “cold hard facts” to explain the many benefits of owning a Volkswagen.
“Volkswagen Canada has launched a new campaign, using cold hard facts to show car shoppers that the cost of one of its vehicles is actually lower in the long run.
In a series of online videos, the automaker’s chief fact officer, Justin Facts, plainly and simply states facts about things like Volkswagen’s warranty offering and the time recommended in between regular vehicle servicing. To keep them from being too dry, the spokesman uses a range of methods to illustrate how the facts about Volkswagen compare to its competitors.”
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We loved working with DDB on this! Watch Tom’s newest spot here!