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Oprah posts a #throwback photo taken by Rob Howard!

On what would have been Maya Angelou’s 91st birthday Oprah posted her favourite photo of the two of them, taken by our very own Rob Howard.
Rob remembers the day it was taken:
“I remember being invited to Dr. Angelou’s home in Winston-Salem to photograph her with Oprah Winfrey. I’d read and loved many of her wonderfully wise poems, so I was thrilled to meet her. This was many years ago, so believe it or not, I only had a vague notion of who Oprah was. Gayle King was there too, and I loved them all instantly. The vibe was great. Dr. Angelou addressed me as Mr. Howard, and I, of course, addressed her as Dr. Angelou. Oprah was incredibly warm and kept giving me hugs. We’ve gone on to work together for the past 19 years and I’m honored to repost this picture. Oprah says that it’s her favorite pic of them together. Wow. I’m so grateful for the profound richness with which all three of these magnificent women have blessed me over the years. Thank you.” 
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