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Unified Content X Grip X RBC: First performer on an in-person commercial shoot

“Then, prior to shoot day, production contacted Paul, asking him to arrive on set with his own PPE. He was instructed to meet the on-set medic, who would take his temperature. “I was then given a field PPE kit, which included a mask, hand sanitizer and gloves. I was also offered a face shield. Then I met the second A.D. who took me to my own tent, which was separate from the action and only for me. Everything was sanitized, including a wardrobe rack, a table and a chair. I brought the wardrobe as well as a tablet and my phone. I had hand sanitizer with me at all times.”
“The atmosphere was eerie and unnatural for what we as actors are used to — the connection, closeness and laughter. It was very quiet, but it did pick up. The director Max Rosenstein and I talked at length about the shots he wanted, and then we talked as people for a good half hour, so we were both more comfortable. He was very conscious of all our fears. And he was very good about asking me about my comfort. I had my mask on during rehearsals and during camera set up. And then they asked me if I felt comfortable to take my mask off to shoot.”
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