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Max Rosenstein’s EDC campaign featured in Strategy!


 Export Development Canada is building on its own pandemic marketing pivot by seeing opportunities for businesses to grow outside the country.
The crown corp, which is tasked with supporting and bolstering trade between Canada and other countries, has launched “The Unusual Way Forward,” a campaign that profiles businesses that are in three different sectors, but nonetheless see opportunities abroad thanks to some big swings they have taken over the last 14 months.
In three long-form video spots, the business owners discuss things like how they are making salmon farming more sustainable, keeping data secure as people work remotely and exploring the role of robotics in accessibility. Their work are the kinds of things that were either necessary moves to keep business going during the pandemic, or have become more relevant during it. And the entrepreneurs not only tell the stories about how they have overcome adversity this year, but also how EDC is helping them use those changes for future growth.
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